The foundation of commercial relationships is the contracts that govern them. For that reason, contract drafting should not be taken lightly and the risks and benefits of every agreement evenly weighed.

At Elias & Co we have found that through working closely with our clients we are best placed to consider both the commercial and legal aspects and advise on how to better safeguard their rights and limit their liabilities. This is done through proper contract review, negotiation and drafting.

In cases where there has been a disparity between the parties to the agreement proper interpretation of contract terms is crucial. This is especially of importance in termination due to frustration and force majeure all of which the team at Elias & Co readily assists its clients.

Pre-existing contracts that are reviewed also are analysed in order for any ambiguities or high risks to be focused on at contract renewal negotiations.

For any assistance on Commercial Law, you can contact our legal team here.