Welcome to I.Elias & Co L.L.C

I.Elias & Co LLC is a firm of English solicitors, Cyprus advocates and legal consultants based in Limassol, Cyprus. Founded by Mr. Imad Elias, I.Elias & Co LLC is part of the EMCO Group of companies which are made up of law firms and marine consultants. Together with the resources and experience within the EMCO Group , I Elias & Co endeavours to ensure lateral guidance and assistance to its clients under English and Cyprus law.


With a team specialized in maritime law I. Elias & Co L.L.C. clients, who are include owners, managers, charterers and insurers, depend on the firm to assist and advise them on admiralty and shipping matters. Considering that the majority of shipping contracts are governed by English Law I. Elias & Co has the added benefit of in-house English Solicitors.


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Our firm assists its clients with in depth advice and assistance in various areas of insurance including, but not limited to, property, marine and political violence claims.

The firm offers advice on policy coverage and compliance under both insurance and reinsurance polices with expertise in managing insurance claims as well as assisting in disputes and securing the recovery of any losses.

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The foundation of commercial relationships is the contracts that govern them. For that reason, contract drafting should not be taken lightly and the risks and benefits of every agreement evenly weighed.

At I. Elias & Co L.L.C. we have found that through working closely with our clients we are best placed to consider both the commercial and legal aspects and advise

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