Litigation is the most known form of dispute resolution and concerns the action of solving legal disputes through courts. Cyprus, where Elias & Co is headquartered, being a former British colony, has adopted the English legal system which formed the basis for the subsequent evolvement of the Cypriot legal system and rules.

The firm, being made up of English solicitors, Cyprus advocates and legal consultants is best suited to advise, assist, strategize and guide its clients through the litigation process and provide court representation in both Cyprus and England (through its associated office Elias Law Limited – UK).

In cases of foreign jurisdiction, the firm assists its clients to plan their strategy and provide them with court representation through its vast corresponding network, while it closely monitors the legal proceedings, until the dispute is successfully resolved.

Our legal team is experienced in all aspects of law but is particularly specialised in:

contract law disputes



tort claims

personal injury

insurance and reinsurance








The legal team of Elias & Co strives to resolve the legal disputes of its client efficiently without recourse of time-consuming and costly legal proceedings. Therefore, before considering litigation other forms of alternative dispute resolution may be utilised. One such avenue is Arbitration.

Arbitration is a widely used alternative form of dispute resolution that allows for disputes to be decided outside the courts. In the maritime industry arbitration clauses are considered as one of the most fundamental clauses of a contract. Often when a disputes arises the parties may elect to arbitrate instead of litigate given the advantages of arbitration. This dispute resolution mechanism is also extremely popular in the commercial, and construction industries.

At Elias & Co we deal with arbitration proceedings for our clients on a regular basis by assisting the clients with all procedural steps necessary to commence and proceed with an arbitration followed by the drafting of all necessary notices, submissions and Tribunal communications until such time as the Arbitration Award is issued. Such an Award is fully binding and enforceable against the parties.

Should an arbitration award require enforcement the team at Elias & Co provides advice on the application of the New York Convention and assists, by also utilising the firm’s network, with the local judiciary preparations and procedures.


Mediation can be considered as the most informal type of dispute resolution whereby a professional third party mediator will assist the two conflicting parties in an attempt to reach an out of court settlement. Mediation is preferred due to the better prospects of maintaining amicable professional relationships.

Prior to the commencement of mediation, Elias & Co will ensure that a professional, experienced mediator is appointed. Subsequently, Elias & Co will assist the client with collection and preparation of all documents that will be required for the mediation as well as guide and advise the Clients as to the procedure that will follow.

Throughout, the mediation process and during the mediation we are by the side of our Clients, whether they take place here in Cyprus or (as is more common) in England or any other international forum. During the mediation we guide, advise and counsel our client to reach the best possible amicable solution.

For any assistance on dispute resolution, you can contact our legal team here.