Whether you are looking to purchase, sell or rent a property in Cyprus or abroad, Elias & Co, can guide you through the various stages of the purchase, sale or rent transaction. Our experienced legal team will support you from the commencement of the transaction and assist you in avoiding the pitfalls which may be encountered until the transaction is finalised, while we offer valuable advice on tax related matters and property finance. The location of our headquarters in Cyprus and the strategic location of our associated offices in Lebanon and England enable us to provide our international and local clientele with cost effective and quick services without the need to involve third parties. Our services include monitoring the conveyancing procedure, ensuring that the acquisition of property is successfully finalised and step in in the event of any dispute. In specific, we are able to assist you with:

  1. searches at the land registry in order to verify whether the property is free of any charges and encumbrances
  2. independent searches on the property in question or the prospective buyer, seller or landlord, in order to ensure its financial accountability
  3. ensuring that the required permits are in place (such as town planning permit, building permit etc)
  4. liaising with third parties and / or the local authorities for the purposes of obtaining and filing any necessary forms
  5. drafting the relevant sale, purchase or tenancy agreement
  6. preparation of all relevant documentation required under any transactions, including
  7. attending the land registry and any other relevant authorities for the purposes of transfer of ownership and registration of the property.

For any assistance on Real Estate, you can contact our legal team here.