With regards to our clients’ Intellectual Property requirements Elias & Co deals with all aspects of trademark registration, management and protection. Our dedicated team guides its clients with trademark (identity, name and similarity) searches worldwide and assists with the registration of European Union Trademarks, International marks or marks registered on a national level including the registration of trademarks and designs in Cyprus.

Our close association with lawyers and trademark agents enables us to meet our clients’ worldwide requirements. We advise on the most suitable country of registration depending on the clients’ needs and intended use of the trademark and provide guidance on the documents and formalities required for the registration of trademarks in the jurisdiction of the clients’ choice for the purpose of best protecting the clients’ rights.

We also represent our clients in trademark infringement, opposition, passing off and revocation proceedings in a number of countries with the assistance of local lawyers and arrange for the documentation required in connection with any such proceedings to be drafted and filed with the appropriate trademark office.

Elias & Co also offers advice with respect to the process and possibility of patent and copyright registration in a number of jurisdictions relating to trademarks, technology etc.

For any assistance on Intellectual Property, you can contact our legal team here.