A contract of employment can be unclear and open to interpretation, having the possibility of a claim to be brought against the employer or the employee. In order to avoid such unpleasant situations from arising, our legal team at Elias & Co can assist its clients by drafting, reviewing and advising on employment contracts while simultaneously ensuring compliance with the labour laws and collective agreements that may apply.

However, understandably, conflicts may arise regardless. Disputes between an employer and an employee can be unpleasant and stressful for both parties. For this reason Elias & Co provides advice and assistance to individuals and businesses who may find themselves in need of professional legal support. In particular, our experienced legal team provides advice in circumstances of unfair dismissal, redundancy, disciplinary and grievance procedures, discrimination etc within the workplace.

Our primary aim is centred around trying to achieve our clients’ objectives, whether that is to issue court proceedings or to reach a settlement though alternative forms of dispute resolution without the issue of tribunal proceedings which are time consuming and costly.

For any assistance on Employment Law, you can contact our legal team here.